Gerald Charles Dickens wrote the fast-paced first act of this one-man show about Charles Dickens' early life and works. He portrays his ancestor, from a child in debtor's prison to a world-famous author in old age. Gerald performs excerpts from selected Dickens novels, portraying Uriah Heep (from David Copperfield) and other characters to show how Dickens' life affected what he wrote. Dickens' response to invitations from Queen Victoria are, also, humorously portrayed.

The second act is a reading, "Wemmick and the Aged P" from Great Expectations. Gerald Dickens writes this description: "Wemmick is the clerk to the great defence lawyer, Mr. Jaggers, who is Pip's guardian. Whist in his office Wemmick is a dry, emotionless civil servant but when he invites Pip home to dine with him, he undergoes a complete change. Pip finds that Wemmick's house is a 'castle' amid beautiful grounds, cut off by a drawbridge. Wemmick cares for his father - the 'Aged Parent' of the title. During the reading, we see Wemmick's pride in his own domain, as well as his professional demeanour back in London. This is a reading of humour, joy, and pathos."

Mr. Dickens is Coming! premiered in England on June 9, 1995, the 125th anniversary of Dickens' death. It was performed in Chatham, Kent, only a few hundred yards from Charles' childhood home.

Performance Time: First act, approximately 45 minutes; second act reading, 40 minutes. A 15-minute intermission.

Use of cameras or any audio or video recording device is strictly prohibited.

Book Signings: Prior to and after the performance, Dickens Books, Gifts, and Collectibles offered by Jackson Enterprises, Inc. will be available for sale. Mr. Dickens signs after the performance. Only Dickens Books, Gifts, and Collectibles purchased at this performance will be signed. Photos are permitted at this time.


Note: People unable to attend the full conference can purchase tickets to this event only.

$8.50 for adults, $5.00 for seniors and college students. Free for students under 18. Not recommended for children under 10. (978)934-4444, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


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