As a 19th century child in Maine, Kate Douglas Wiggins had loved reading Charles Dickens' novels. She named her pets after Dickens' characters. Her mother had a ticket to Dickens' Boston performance in 1868, but regretfully, Kate did not. Then Kate and her mother boarded the Portland to Boston train, where Kate, realizing the opportunity to be near her "Adored One", rushed to sit by Charles Dickens. She told him her favorite parts of his novels, and Charles Dickens took out his notebook and pen to make a note of it.

Wiggins wrote an endearing reminiscence about that train journey, entitled A Child's Journey with Dickens.

Gerald Charles Dickens researched and wrote a prologue about Charles Dickens' experience with trains before that ride with Kate. He wrote an epilogue about Kate's love of Dickens that continued throughout her life, how she founded the first kindergarten west of the Rockies and wrote the classic Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

The present-day Dickens combined his prologue with Kate's reminiscence and added the epilogue to create this appealing delightful one-man show. A Child's Journey with Dickens show premiered abroad a train at the Memphis Train Museum, Collierville, Tennessee in 1998. Mr. Dickens' wife Lucy performs the show with him in England. The conference performance is a New England premiere.

Performance Time: Approximately 35 minutes.

Use of cameras or any audio or video recording device is strictly prohibited.

Book Signings: Prior to and after the performance, Dickens Books, Gifts, and Collectibles offered by Jackson Enterprises, Inc. will be available for sale. Mr. Dickens signs after the performance. Only Dickens Books, Gifts, and Collectibles purchased at this performance will be signed. Photos are permitted at this time.

Performance Details:

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