" The United States seemed to me a perfect place to perform A Christmas Carol, with it's natural love of history, family and tradition, and I haven't been disappointed.

My performance is based on voice, expresssion and atmosphere. Of course, the audiences know the story very well, so I don't have to worry too much about the plot, I can concentrate on the characters. Each character has a very definite voice, way of standing, way of moving and facial expression which means that even during a conversation, they can be very easily distinguished.

Staging is very simple - only a chair, table and hatstand. The simplicity has two advantages, firstly it makes the show adaptable to a wide variety of venues (schools, churches, large theatres and hotels), but it also focuses the audiences attention onto the words and performance, without distracting them by clever effects.

Although I had never planned to involve the audience in the show, I very soon discovered that we were all sharing the experience of A Christmas Carol and it was very natural to "use" that closeness in the show. Hopefully the audience arrives at the venue to watch a show and leave feeling that they have been part of it. "