Jackson Enterprises, Inc. is developing new aspects to our website that will reflect our broad interests and expanding business directions. History. Music. Travel. Cuisine. Literary. Event management. Political. Civil War. Inspirational. Reflective and more. Our online store features unique books, gifts, and collectibles, all made in the USA or Great Britain. Many are signed by descendants of Charles Dickens.
Jackson Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1982, is located in the cultural potpourri of Washington, D.C.'s metro area. Its President Caroline Jackson finds the area so stimulating she likens it to a smorgasbord for which there is not enough time to eat. "Living here is a gift," Jackson says. "Yet the richness of this area belongs to every American. Washington, D. C. is everyone's capital."
Fly while you still have your wings!
Our webmaster is working to develop a blog for us. This will enable more satisfactory dialogue with our website visitors.
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